Case Studies

Search-Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO and SEM)

buffy_logoAffiliate Fan Website for a Famous TV Show (PDF)

  • Total website traffic rose from 358 visits in September 2011 to 4,776 in June 2013 (+1,234%)
  • Organic search-engine traffic skyrocketed from 10 to 1,926 in the same timeframe (+19,160%)
  • Backlink profile: 2,287 links on 26 domains (data is from Moz’s Open Site Explorer)
  • Facebook page: 8,145 “likes”
  • Twitter: 5,958 followers
  • E-mail-newsletter: 248 subscribers
  • Google+ page (270 followers) and community (513 members)
  • Pinterest: 261 followers

seo case studyPrescription Drug E-Commerce Website (PDF)

  • Advised on the new website’s design to maximize conversions (sales)
  • Auditing and optimizing the website for search engines, keywords, content, and related factors
  • Consulting on how to approach linkbuilding in the future
  • Monthly revenue from organic traffic rose from $0 in November 2012 to $4,330 in June 2013

nanorepB2B Lead Generation (PDF)

  • Keyword research and targeting for pages and blog posts
  • Technical optimization for keywords, site structure, and related factors
  • Building good links
  • Writing quality, authoritative blog posts on topics as defined in the keyword strategy
  • Leads rose from eight in April 2012 to 22 in September 2012 (a jump of 175%)
  • Total organic traffic increased from 728 visits in March 2012 to 1,071 in September 2012 (a rise of 47%)

seo case studyIsraeli Entertainment Website (PDF)

  • Performing keyword research and optimizing the website
  • Writing regular blog content
  • Building and “earning” quality links and consulting on the use of social-media marketing
  • Organic search-engine traffic increased 319% from January 2011 to May 2013.

Social-Media Marketing

massiveimpactB2B Lead Generation for MassiveImpact (PDF)

  • We employed social-media marketing to increase website traffic from targeted prospects by 894%
  • Used the best-practices in paid LinkedIn and Facebook advertising to grow followings and gain leads
  • Advised on landing-page optimization
  • Website leads from social outlets and online channels increased by 217%

Online Advertising

Educational Institution PPC Case Study (PDF)

  • Facebook CPC declined from $0.47 to $0.39
  • Google AdWords CPC fell from $1.55 to $0.55
  • Total Cost Per Conversion plummeted from $12.43 to $5.57

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