What Are Your Goals?

Too many marketing agencies sell packages based on specific campaigns such as a television commercial package, a full-page advertisement in major, metropolitan newspapers, or a banner message on a set of selected websites. However, in today’s holistic, inbound-marketing age, such methods are becoming more and more obsolete because different types of Internet marketing are all interconnected and build upon each other.

It is not enough to have just search-engine optimization or just social-media marketing or just blog writing. When we partner with our clients, we aim to achieve goals and not to sell packages. Here are just a few examples.

Achieve Your Marketing Goals

  • To maximize organic search-engine traffic

If this is your goal, then it is not enough just to optimize your website for search engines on a technical level. Google likes websites that regularly produce new, quality content. So, you need content creation in addition to SEO. Websites that rank highly in search results are correlated with those that also have large social-media followings. So, you need social-media marketing in addition to SEO.

  • To maximize followings and engagement on social media

It is not enough to build a Facebook page or Twitter account, “get” thousands of “likes” and followers, and then inform your audience of your latest company news and specials. People follow brands on social media not because they want to see more advertisements and sales pitches but because they want to engage with the companies they like. Content is the fuel of social media — interesting, humorous images and videos are what is shared most often on social media. So, you need content creation in addition to social-media marketing.

  • To gain customers with quality, informational content

The practice of producing and promoting good, original content — that is not aimed at selling directly! — is the cornerstone of inbound marketing. However, it is not enough just to publish thought-leading blog posts and insightful infographics. For your blog posts to “get found” in Google, they need to address search queries that people are entering into search engines. So, you need keyword research and SEO in addition to content creation. To spread visual content online effectively, you need to develop buyer personas to understand to what your audience will respond and optimize the content for each targeted social-media network. (Images of different sizes, for example, work best on Facebook and Pinterest.) So, you need social-media marketing in addition to content creation.

  • To gain leads with online advertising and PPC

It’s enough to throw some ads on Google AdWords and Facebook. Each paid-advertising network has its own best-practices to get the greatest number of leads for the lowest cost. But that’s not enough. It’s one thing to get someone to click an advertisement — it’s quite another to get that person to make a purchase or fill out a form on your website. The former is optimizing the click-through rate — the second is optimizing the conversion rate. So, you need web analytics, landing-page design, and conversion optimization in addition to PPC advertising.

As you can see, all parts of online marketing are connected and cannot be sold as individual campaigns anymore. So, when we partner with clients, we develop comprehensive strategies that include any and all needed elements to be successful and achieve their goals.

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